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During airborne to Bali...

Sunday, October 17, 2010
Old memories during primary school time freshly playing in my mind during my journey from KL to Bali. During the first hour after departed LCCT, I read the Travel 3 Sixty magazine provided onboard to past every minute statue style seat in this aircraft. 
The 'Abovegroundlevel Kuala Lumpur' section attract my attention as its show a few activities tourist can do during their visit to KL. Those activities are like canopy walk at Taman Pertanian Malaysia,orbing at Malaysia Agro Exposition Park (MAEPS) Serdang, (orbing - get yourself into a  transparency big ball and rolling down a hill.Do not wear short skirt for ladies if you want a smooth ride....your skirt will cover up your faces though......haha).it would cost around RM35 per person. But still the best part to enjoy and surely i wil do is 'Flight of your life'. 
As i wrote earlier on the first paragraph, my ambition when class teacher asked was pilot. Maybe my SPM result not qualified enough for me or i am not keen or eager to fulfill my first ambition to be a commercial pilot make me what am i doing right now for survive. But still i am thankful to the Almighty Allah swt because i still enjoying my life and i can do what i want to do. the opportunity for me to fly a Cessna or any other 'mosquito' plane widely open now. For those who is highly adrenalin pumping person like me, we can go to Subang Airport Terminal 3 and make a reservation. A short course will be conducted and briefing on the flight safety will be taken care by the experienced instructor. The contact no is +6 03 9200 2998, email:info@klhunter.com.
The fee is about RM500.00 per person.Wow its quite pricy but still i am very keen to fly the plane. Reservation also can be made via airasiago.com.

For me, even previously I had an ambition to be a pilot, but i turned to be a businesssman, there is still opportunity to be a pilot....one day. ... Insyallah.


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