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Specialized EPIC Comp 2009

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Baru beli frame Specialized Epic Comp 2009 ni dari Hirman pada 25 Feb 2010 yang lepas kerana terasa ingin  menjinakkan trail trail liar dan downhill yang selalunya akan menyakitkan pinggang bila guna hard tail. Terima kasih kepada Hirman kerana sudi tolak frame ni kat saya dengan harga diskaun.Kalau tidak tak mampu nak pakai full sus ada BRAIN ni.

Ini spesifikasi frame yang dibeli.....original parts lain takde....owner lama dah bukak.

Epic FSR M5 alloy, fully manipulated frame w/ ORE DT/TT, sealed cartridge bearings, 100mm travel, replaceable derailleur hanger
Fox/SBC remote Mini-Brain, inertia valve, w/ Brain fade adjust
Fox F100 RL, 100mm travel, air spring, compression and rebound adj. w/ LO, alloy steerer
1-1/8" Threadless, 10mm insertion alloy cups, sealed cartridge bearing

  • M5 alloy frame redefines the Competitive XC category with 100mm of supple FSR suspension, delivering small bump performance and smooth terrain efficiency
  • Specialized and Fox blend their brains to develop the new FlowControl Mini Brain shock with Brain Fade inertia valve, air spring and adjustable rebound for trophy-stockpiling performance
In term of performance during climbing, no doubt. really perform and assisting me while conquering the hill.Climb trial been done 2 days after completing setup the whole bike. All parts excepts brake transfered to Epic. Brake been changed to Elixir 5 due to the old brake cable doesnt long enough to attach on the Epic body.I really enjoy using the previous Shimano Deore 2010 brakeset as it works good enough as long as 6 month served for me. 

However, the new Elixir 5 far beyond my expectation. It performed much smoother, reliable, wont lock the tire and I enjoy using it. On its group, Elixir 5 is the lowest ranking set.Price around RM680.00 with rotor provided (160mm rear, 180mm front) and I am not expecting so much.....but still good enough for the big hole pocket person like myself.

So, trial ride took place at Bukit Inas, Rembau, Negeri Sembilan. Took opportunity when going back to kampung bring along Epic.There was an ambition to climb the hill and the time arrive. Start pedalling sharp at 8.30am with lot of thinking whether I can climb or not. The first peak I reckoned about 1.5-1.8km from my house but the elevation is too stiff.....so high....
This is the view before start climbing

 This is the view after first climb and first stop

Alhamdulilah, still manage to cadence while climbing eventhough my lung and heart pump and inhale oxygen crazily....Took 5 minutes brake, release my leg muscles stress and continue to the second peak.

Second climb view

I cant smile anymore...just a snap for remembrance

Journey to continue...climb the third hill steadily. This last suffer hill quite relaxing. Engaged on the 6 and 7 rear gear and had a leisure cadence as the last slop is a bit flattened... Few people collecting mineral water that came out from the rock wall gave a sour looked to me...maybe they thought I am crazy suffered myself climbing the hill....whatever...I don't give any trouble to you. Few motorist gave a friendly honked at me....maybe they know how to respect a cyclist climbing the hill as their car revving heavily went up the same hill....hahaha. I returned back after I know I reached the first peak when I saw this rock:

The milestone......

I took about an hour climb up and descent back to the starting line. Its a wonderful experience climb this hill with Epic.Its doesn't bobbing, no energy waste, rigid frame design and easy go on any hill....alhamdulilah.



Man CIOCC Says:
4/3/10 15:08

Fuh, the climb looks kinda shitty. Sure terjelir lidah. Route looked damn inviting...

Shahrul Kaylah Says:
4/3/10 16:35

Salam bro Man,
Thank you spent your time on this entah apa apa blog.I reckon
For the cyclist like you,this is jusst the practise ground.
For me, sure terjelir lidah sampai perut is a must..haha
Kalau mau ride bukit ni,bg tau la.Penginapan di Rembau tiada masalah.

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