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It's already a week

Sunday, July 25, 2010
Its already a week since the day PINKEYE virus transferred from Sofea to me. The sore getting worse as what I observed through what happen to Sofea, after a week infected by conjunctivitis, this is the critical time of the illness. My eyes getting really itchy, the burning and hot feels cant resist, the tears dropping critically then before and my vision blur badly...I cant stand in an open bare sunny area too long, I cant watch my Macbook monitor too long, I cant concentrate watching TV and feel the story and I also cant do any extreme physical activities for the time being. Brightness to high will make my tears dropped like being left away by my girlfriend. I hope this illness will cure in another fews days.Amin...

Its already a week and I can say its two weeks my cranks didn't work for me. Too long for me taking a break from cadence. I will have a Nibong Tebal Bike Jamboree on 1st August and my friends already doing their 'secret training' as a preparation to complete the jamboree. Placing is not the main reason we are joining this event but to participate as an enthusiast MTB rider is the most important. I have only 5 days left and I hope I can start training.

All the days with conjunctivitis is not good at all. My view blurry and sometimes it getting irritating. Piece of face tissue is my good accompany for these few days to wipe off the dropping tears. Somehow, I get my family quarantine at East Lake to ease the sore and I find it practical.

Sofea's conjunctivitis getting better since yesterday. No more red eyes on the eye ball but only a bit swollen on her upper eye lid. Alhamdulilah she getting better. What happen a week ago was, blood mix with her eye drop came out while she was sleeping. Luckily, the doctor at HUKM said is got nothing to worry about.

For the past 2-3 days, my conjunctivitis virus being spread and looking another victims. Those new victims are my wife,my mother and my sister. All of them being attack on one of the eyes and unlucky myself, I've been attacked on both my precious viewer......dugaan.....


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