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Wednesday, July 21, 2010
conjunctivitis |kənˌjə ng (k)təˈvītis|noun Medicineinflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye. Also called pinkeye .------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I am having a PINKEYE right now which make me feels so irritating. My eyes sore, feel some sort like hot  and itchy, eyes ball feels like ping pong ball on my socket and my eyes lids always shutting down. I do not want to sleep but either watching tv or reading will make me feel uncomfortable. Huh, how long this pain will cure...hope as soon as possible. My daughter conjunctivitis problem entering 2 week time but the swollen eyes reduced. Just the red eye effect still notice. I might get this pain from my daughter as she got it from my younger brother two weeks ago.....
I am going to miss my cycling schedule this weekend again.....


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