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Restless weekender

Monday, May 1, 2006

Halluuuu.....lama nyer tak menulis dalam blog ni...terasa seperti telah dilupakan la plak. Tak kesah.....dan jangan risau, aku masih ada lagi.

Tengok la tajuk blog ni.Mcm hampeh kan. dah dekat dua bulan hidup camni. Hujung minggu je tak de live yg nak dihidupkan....ke sana ke sini, antar barang, kutip hutang yg tak sampai berjuta juta lagi....tunjuk barang kat orang sana, promo pulak kat orang sini. Tapi Aiman tak kesahhhh.....sebab pada usia muda ni la kena bergerak aktif. At least got something to gain and can be banked-in on the next day. Yes, sure you understand what i mean.I'm talking about how pain you should be to gain big. I remember one Hitler's quote, "better try to fail rather than you fail to try". I am trying to do whatever I can to improve my 'bank statement printing' rather than I keep thinking 'bout the idea but I wont do anything. The idea is still an idea until I do something to realise it.

Now, I'm doing it the way around. I will do what I want to do and keep thingking how to improve the tasks all the way while realising the idea...can understand ahh? hehe...I'm the doers, please dont think how I did it but for sure, I did realised what Im doing and I was satisfied with the result. Orang cakap sikit2 lama2 jadi bukit. Consistence works, plus a bit strenghs and mixed it with enough passions will do make it better though....

Huhuhu.....as of today, I close my business at the end of April, 2006.Really mad though doing this, but trust me, if u really enjoy what u do, then the rezeki will go in. I close my ledger for April '06 with distinstion....hehe..I'm the person who always padded my own shoulder, the best track record sale for this 3 months. Myself couldn't believe it, but the statistic show it....hahahaha.

Well, now I'm thingking the other source of money I can earn...trumphh tam tam pham...tram taam tam pram....lalalal alala.CHEERS!


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