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'bout my little Koi

Monday, May 1, 2006
uhuk uhuk.....
Now I'am telling you, I really sad when I saw the koi pond blogged..
Past few months, I had a lot of health, fat and tame kois, but now its all memories.
No more fish feeding on evening, no more beautiful colored creatures inside my pond, no need go to Jalan Pasar to buy the fish pallete and no more water filter cleaning on weekend. Its all gone dude....in a while, just a short while, all my kois gone...all dead...uhuuk uhuk....

Because one man showed to be genius, he killed my koi. I can accept his fault, violently and without humanity spirits, kill my pets in pain.....what THE f**king guy he is...

No more stories about koi....I'll pet other cheap fish later on and if I have a feeling to do so......CHEERS!


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