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Seville, Spain

Thursday, May 5, 2011
Today, the journey start at 9am from Granada to Seville. Its about 298km from the current state i overnite to the new destination. The whole strech of the highway to Cordoba and Seville is a new highway. Less rest area found along the way and luckily i had not feel uncomfortamble for the aseos(gents).

Mid of the journey we pay a visit to Cordoba, 13th largest city in Spain to visit Masketeer. An old history of Andalusia under the heist of Uthmaniah Chalife can be found here. And also the beautiful Mezquita, the great architecture of Rome, Muslim and Christian been interprated on the construction and engineering of the building. You shall read more about it @ . A sad story for Muslim world, after about few hundred years succesfully conquered Cordaba, at last this place fall back to Christian world. The whole area inside Mezquita really awesome and magnificent! This place was divided into two, an area for Muslim and Christian practising their religious. As the time pass by, now this place only being used for Khatolik pratising their pray or whatsoever. The cathederal architecture is not bad. A very beautiful hand crafted choir chairs on the main hall been made from Mahagony wood from local and took 10 years to complete the making.On the right hand side it tell the story about Lady Mary and on the left side its tell story about Jesus.

Only then we proceed our journey to the 4th largest city in sPain, Seville. I love this state! Its calm,peaceful, full of colour, the people made me feel like i am back to the 18th century. The ladies dress up nicely in colourful dress with their national attire while the men wearing suits and hat. Some of them still riding the horse. Lot of people loafing around the waterfront this evening. At last i knew why all this happen. Its because its a fiesta week in here. So all the Sevillian cheering up the week.And the girls are sexy too, undoubted!

Before check-in at hotel, we were served with an awful and great flamingo dance while having our dinner.


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