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Giant XTC team

Monday, August 10, 2009
This is the new bicycle bought on August 2009 for the sake to satisfy and cycling more frequent. Last but not least to feel the extra dollar accessories rather than the cheapskate product.....hehehe. I bought this customised bicycle from Sam's Serdang bicycle shop which the tauke already gave kaw kaw discount.

   As long as I remember, my first bike has been used not less than 2 month.But I do not know why should I invest more dollar to this bicycle....hahaha.I am not alone actually.In this bicycle clang, induce each other among cyclist is not forbidden or haram...every time we meet up, new things, new news on bicycle products or anything about cycling product from small to big, from cheap to really expensive accessories will on air.So whoever with low faith plus satanic verse will eager to spend ....hahaha.

  Latest news I heard, Adi already achieved his needs to own full-sups.If I am not mistaken, Giant Anthem X3 (correct me if I'm worng)...what a nice bike.That is my dream bicycle before I got this XTC Team. Congrats to Adi.

   Back to my Giant XTC Team spec:
1) Giant XTC Team 2009 frame
2)Shimano XT crank
3)Shimano Deore 2010 groupset +FD+RD
4)Ritchey WCS carbon fibre handle bar
5)Shimano Deore 2010 hydrolic brake
6)KCNC Stem
7)KCNC seatpost
8)Mavvic CrossRide rim
9)Kenda 2.1 tyre
10) Fizik Gobi seat
11)Shimano Dual pedal
(as far as I can remember this is the spec.)

Now I am ready to slide........


en_me Says:
28/8/09 15:00

salam ramadhan bro.. basikal baru tewww

Anonymous Says:
15/10/10 08:21

What size frame?

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