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Vito to go...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Almost two years served me and my family and took us where we wanted to go. The most important thing during Eidulfitri, the Vito vigorously took us from one house to another house from daylight until midnight.  Nice experienced and feeling whenever I can drive a star branded MPV, rarely on the road and with single seater for 6 passenger plus the driver.

On the highway, Vito will never been drived not less than 120km/j where sometimes, depend on how good and focused I am at that moment, the Vito would speeding up to 150km/j without any vibrations or unwanted sounds except the windy sound. Alhamdulillah most of the journey arrived safely. With the auto cruising mode plus brilliant cruising style that I love the most on this car, the traveling was completely rest assured.This was the moment when I can enjoy the scenic views during driving a high car.......

Two years occupying this vehicle, driving at least few thousand miles and mostly long distance and high speed driving, now its time to let it go. This is due to few circumstances apparently I believe will make myself in lost condition if I still put this car in my garage.

Firstly, this car is under usage. Its been used for quite a long haul only journey and sometimes three of us only rode on this mini bus. Too many spaces unoccupied at the back whereas I still paid the gas and toll charge the same.

My wife mumbling she does not sleep well and comfortably rest her head due to the single seater provided originally in this car. Eventhough its a good branded car but still the passenger seats at the back is not so comfortable. The situation got more terrible when my daughter sleep on my wife lap and in the long journey. I can consider 2 hours and above travel time is a long journey. Sometimes her lap will cramped and become angry to that condition. My daughter is not comfortable enough to let her sit in the baby chair. During our holiday in Melbourne previously, we had a headache to make her sit quietly in the baby seater. Luckily we didn't get any ticket for the fouls we made.

Third, the time has come. I drive a luxurious MPV without paying any profit to the financial institution, well maintained the car, had the experience driving high speed with the car [this is the most I like], never  signed ticket face to face with Mr. OnDuty but I had a few saman ekor which hope the government will abolish it by next year and last but not least this car benefited my family safely. Alhamdulilah.

So it has let go. I make a new move with the new wheel, its not new because I bought it as a second owner...and I hope the new wheel also can take me to anywhere I want to go safely.Asta Lavista la Vito..adios.


Haitsan Says:
19/8/10 18:00

with vito i meet cito @ sit jamboree.... :p

Shahrul Kaylah Says:
24/8/10 13:53

Haha....panas la kayuh kat SIT...

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