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Bukit Kledang Ride with Eimiza

Sunday, January 24, 2010

1. I went back to my daddy hometown, Teluk Intan last weekend for my cousin enggagement day. Took this opportunity to head up to Ipoh to ride mountain bike with my ex-classmate when I was in Sek Men Teknik Persiaran Brash, Ipoh, 13 years ago.

2.His name is Cikgu Eimiza Qamal, known as Anje (this name given by our diciplin teacher,Cikgu Rahim Ninja Turtle) as it is still remember by all my ex-classmate.We meet again because we share the same hobby, riding mountain bike and Anje conquered the climbing skill better than me.

3. Plan been set up and execute as it was scheduled. I dropped my daughter and her mummy at Teluk Intan and drive to Simpang Pulai. Had a 3 layer tea at the Simpang Pulai mamak restaurant while Anje had a capati with hot barley drink. About 445pm we make a move to the Bukit Kledang and took 20 minutes to reach destination.

4. Set up the bike, rider geared with glove, helmet and shoes, drinking water in holster then we start the ride. The weather is so nice. Rain just stop when we reach. Cool ambient with nice temperature. Climbing start      
at 510pm.

5. I didn't get the actual elevation as what i heard its about 800m high.All the way from bottom to the peak is climbing. Got about 2-3 switchback ( believe me you have to climb on the switchback and its painful) which i dont believe i can paddle my bike climbing it. I had to take 5 about two times before reach the Ipoh Viewpoint. The scenery after rain amazed us.

6. Anje try to motivate me by saying "dekat je dah nak sampai pondok depan tu" or something like "sikit je lagi bukit ni pastu landai" but i never been trapped twice. Experienced at Antara Gapi climbing Bukit Dagu made me to be careful with that psycho climbing statement wont happen again....kehkehkeh Anje, sori la....you climb first, I trailing u from the back.

7. Anje generously borrowed me his Cube and let me try his machine.After that, I dreamed to own it.

8. We paddle ahead to the next kilometre until the target point, waterfall. Couldn't go further up to the peak because time to fast jealous to our fun ride.Its showed 630pm and managed to climb until 5km with 745 calories burned.For the first timer climbing Bukit Kledang, I spent 1hr 30m to reach 5km at the unknown altitude/elevation.

9. With nice water dropped sound from the waterfall, I fill up the drinking bottle and take a few minutes to inhale fresh oxygen. From here I can see the two communication tower high up on the peak.Spirit and intuition to the peak will take me back.

10. Enough, the time already 645pm, time to descent down the hill....yihhhaaaaaaa. Speedometre showed 65km/h and its really niceeeee.....Took about 7 minutes to reach the carpark and the ride down the hill awesome.


11. Had our dinner at Mee Rebus Ramli at Pasir Puteh if i am not mistaken and Anje pay the foods....hehe. Thanks Anje. 


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