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Baby Sofea

Sunday, July 12, 2009
After being request by few friends and Situt to upload my daughter pictures, here I am making their wishes granted. Tomorrow will be Sofea's 3rd month at this world. She's got very fast development. Nowadays become very choosy, sleeping too much, playing with her mother very often, when she's awake she wants to talk with people eventhough with the baby talk that only Sofea could understand and many more funny and fussy behaviours that will made her parents happy.

Hello world, here come new comers to this to this earth named Sofea. Little baby girl borned on 13th April 2009@1157pm. This cute little baby belong to happily married couple,kaylah with emelia. Sofea was borned at HUKM assisted by the very kind Prof. Jamil.

Sofea sleeping for 3 hours after being given sleeping medicine

So baba and mama took this opportunity to have a walk with Sofea to The Curve, Damansara. We had our lunch at Bubby Gump Restaurant and Sofea had a very enjoyful moment there.


Siti Fatimah Says:
25/8/09 13:54

comelnyaaa rambut dh panjang... :D

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